Old dynasties have great history too

The need to “prove” the Bible caused the birth of biblical archaeology, but the archaeological proof of the Hebrew sojourn in Egypt has yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, Hollywood has played a role in keeping the legends alive. In 1954, the film The Valley of the Kings was released by MGM Studios. Filmed in Egypt, it starred popular Hollywood actors of the time, including Eleanor Parker and Robert Taylor, and Egyptian actors Samia Gamal and Rushdi Abaza. It told the story of an archaeologist’s daughter (Eleanor Parker) attempting to find the tomb of Joseph in Egypt with the help of another archaeologist (Robert Taylor). They placed Joseph in the 18th Dynasty (1550–1295 BCE). Hollywood has made several movies about Moses, Legends about the Nile
Legends about the Ni l e 29 including the animated The Prince of Egypt (1998) and the longtime favorite The Ten
Commandments (1956). Still, as of today, no archaeological evidence has supported the biblical tale of Exodus. Believed by many Jews, Christians, and Muslims to be totally true, their only “proof” is divine scripture.

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