Monster Like Ants

The ant lion (genus myrmeleon) is not an ant at all but, along with
lacewings, a member of the group of insects known as the neuroptera.
The adult ant lion resembles a dragonfly and is a fierce aerial
predator. The larva has fanglike jaws, which are among the largest,
for its body size, of any creature. Desert Species of ant lions live in
loose soil or sand, excavating cone-shaped pits where they hide at the
bootom just below the surface. an ant or similar victim stumbles and
slides into the pit, unable to get a purhcase on the loose grains. The
ant lion larva seizes the prey, sometimes tossing aside soil particles so
that the prey scrabbles byt still slips downward toward the massive
jaws. The ant lion drags its freshly caught victim under the surface,
pierces its body, and sucks out its juices.